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Let’s get wild today. A fan brush can be your best friend. Only eight colors that you need. It is a lot of fun.

Just let your mind wander and enjoy. This should make you happy. Let’s get crazy. If you don’t think every day is a good day – try missing a few. You’ll see. With something so strong, a little bit can go a long way. You create the dream – then you bring it into your world. Let’s just drop a little Evergreen right here.

This is the way you take out your flustrations. You can spend all day playing with mountains. Let your heart take you to wherever you want to be. In nature, dead trees are just as normal as live trees. That’s what makes life fun. That you can make these decisions. That you can create the world that you want. This is the fun part

I get carried away with this brush cleaning. When you do it your way you can go anywhere you choose. A thin paint will stick to a thick paint. See how easy it is to create a little tree right in your world. Paint anything you want on the canvas. Create your own world.

We tell people sometimes: we’re like drug dealers, come into town and get everybody absolutely addicted to painting. It doesn’t take much to get you addicted. Nice little clouds playing around in the sky. I really recommend you use odorless thinner or your spouse is gonna run you right out into the yard and you’ll be working by yourself. The shadows are just like the highlights, but we’re going in the opposite direction. We’ll paint one happy little tree right here. Let that brush dance around there and play.

Clouds are free. They just float around the sky all day and have fun. Just let this happen. We just let this flow right out of our minds. Let your imagination be your guide. You can create beautiful things – but you have to see them in your mind first. Imagination is the key to painting. We have no limits to our world. We’re only limited by our imagination.

What the devil. Talent is a pursued interest. That is to say, anything you practice you can do. Now we don’t want him to get lonely, so we’ll give him a little friend. This is your creation – and it’s just as unique and special as you are. Just use the old one inch brush.

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